Arthorian Networks is a new take on the traditional, and often hated, Minecraft & Garry's Mod large-scale multiplayer experience. We achieve this by employing a number of classic gamemodes that have been heavily edited to suit our vision and a number of totally-secret custom gamemodes in the works!

We host a variety of gamemodes and are always looking for creative people to join our development teams, because of this we also need funding to help create our network to make it the best it can be whilst also keeping our talented individuals interested.This is why we request donations from our users, in return for your donation we reward you will the use of fun and useful perks and features to better your experience overall. 

No donations will be used for the personal gain of our staff until we believe that we are providing the best experience possible for our users. This includes upgrading hardware, hiring developers and build teams and other things to help out the server and create a better experience for our community overall.